21 04 2013

As the Lyrid meteors streak by overhead, plans for my book launch are zipping around inside my head.  This is my second book launch (the first being BLUE ROCK RESCUE), and I’m super excited!  The Bookshelf-Midtown is a steadfast supporter of local authors, and I thank Annie Jones, manager at this fine indie book store, for hosting the launch on April 25.  Thanks to my daughter, Allison, the cover art is magnificent.  I had a cover reveal on my website,, to celebrate the Full Moon of January.  (Appropriately, this moon is known as the “Wolf Moon.”

The cover is a big hit, and the feedback I’ve gotten from advance readers is thrilling, too.  Here are some of the comments on the cover and the story:

“M.R. Street brings the same skillful writing and spot-on eye for detail displayed in Blue Rock Rescue  to The Werewolf’s Daughter  to deliver a taut, heart-pounding tale.” — Adrian Fogelin, Author of Crossing Jordan

“Werewolf lore enthusiasts will enjoy M.R. Street’s The Werewolf’s Daughter.”
Laura Lascarso, Author of Counting Backwards

“Yes, yes, yes! Wonderful work, Allison! How nice to have such a great partnership that you two can share!! Congrats to all!”  — Barbara Psimas, Artist

And for a full review, check out the post on today’s Tallahassee Writers Association community blog,

A full moon following the Lyrid meteor shower is a good omen, don’t you think?  Especially for a werewolf book launch with prizes for wearing pink (April’s full moon is the “Pink Moon”) and mini-cupcakes from Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery — yum!  See you at the Bookshelf-Midtown; 1123 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee; Thursday, April 25, from 6-8PM.




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