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Here is some information about my books.  Blue Rock Rescue is self-published; the others are pre-published.  Everything on this blog (all pages) is copyrighted.  I encourage you to share (especially with editors or friends who might be interested in my book!).  But if you forward something, be sure to copy it exactly and include a link to my blog.  Thanks!

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The Werewolf’s Daughter – 2011 Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist. In this YA novel, Lani has been raised by her widowed father.  The thing she wishes more than anything else is that her mother were alive.  Then she finds out that her mother is alive — but is a werewolf, and Lani must kill her to end the family curse, before she becomes a werewolf herself.


Blue Rock Rescue5-star review from Middle grade action/adventure.  In the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, 13-year-old Andy must overcome his fears and his secret guilt over his mother’s death – to save the life of a friend. 


The Wandmaker’s Wish Middle-grade fantasy/adventure.  Ashley’s life takes a fantastical turn when she finds instructions for making a wand.  She sets out to grant wishes, including her own wish that her father will recover from injuries sustained in a train wreck.  She finds out that, while some wishes can’t come true, she can cast spells that help her and her family – as well as a ghostly family that once lived in her aunt’s farmhouse – accept their fates and value the gifts they have been given.


Globespinner’s Guide to Endangered Animals Non-fiction for ages 8-10.  Twins Garner and Gaia travel the world, researching endangered species and sending reports back to their school.  The stories of 12 endangered animals are told in alternating facts and poems.  Includes good news, bad news, and a fun fact about each animal, and a checklist of actions anyone can take (as individuals, families, communities) to save endangered species.


A Family Like MinePicture book for emerging readers.  Compares animal group names with the same human group names for a whimsical lesson in families.


Lady Mondegreen and Chester Drawers: In a Pickle Picture book for ages 8-10.  An environmental lesson combined with linguistic puns called “mondegreens,” where phrases are mis-heard.  Examples of mondegreens include the title characters and their friends.  Lady Mondegreen wants an earth-friendly birthday party.  Her friend Chester finds a fun solution that readers can replicate.


Anteater in the Attic* Fantasy adventure chapter book for ages 8-10.  When 10-year-old Jack finds an anteater, he has to convince his mom that it would be a good pet.  Jack’s intentions are complicated by a bossy, baby-sitting cousin and the fact that the anteater is eating their house … or is it?


The Statues Are Restless in Paris*Middle-grade fantasy/adventure.  Twelve-year-old Jesse has seen a lot of things in his travels with his globe-trotting parents.  But he never saw statues come to life, until he went to Paris.  When a beautiful art thief uses Jesse as an unwitting accomplice, he must solve the mystery of the restless statues if he hopes to clear his name – and save his life.


Born on the Strawberry Moon* Middle-grade fantasy/adventure.  Twins are connected mentally, even if not physically.  Conjoined twins Ayla and Kami, surgically separated at birth and geographically separated 12 years later when their parents divorced, maintain their mental connection in many ways, some terrifying.  They have created a shared, recurring nightmare that threatens them both.  They must work together – and learn to make and trust friends other than themselves – to defeat the monster.


The Claddagh Trilogy:  Book One:  Dune ~ The Loyalty of the Leprechauns* Middle-grade fantasy/adventure.  Teenager Dune craves his father’s approval.  Cairdeen, the Kerry Bog pony, seeks a better life.  And beautiful Kyna has a special gift that binds the three friends.  As Dune and Kyna search for Dune’s lost family heirloom, they discover strengths in themselves they never fully realized alone.  When they meet Cairdeen, a triple bond is formed that mirrors the simple yet elegant Celtic symbol of the claddagh – love, loyalty, and friendship. 


*Works in progress.


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